Stay Dry on the Run with These Top 12 Waterproof Running Shoes

Wet feet can spoil an otherwise blissful run through the rain. Moisture often leads to friction, slippage, and blisters, and soggy socks are just uncomfortable. But whether you’re braving an unexpected storm, navigating a few leftover puddles, or stomping through slush, you can seal out the wet weather by lacing up in a pair of waterproof running shoes.

In this guide we’ll dig into the basics of waterproof running shoes and share our top 6 picks for both the best road running shoes and trail running shoes. Read on and enjoy!

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What to Know About Waterproof Running Shoes

Waterproofing in footwear comes in a few different forms. The most common is a built-in waterproof membrane liner integrated into the shoe’s construction. Gore-Tex, often denoted in shoe names as “GTX”, is one of the more lauded membranes you’ll find, with pores about 20,000 times smaller than a raindrop, which prevents water from leaking in but still provides solid breathability. A weatherproof coating, usually made of silicone or acrylic polymers, can also be added to the exterior of the shoe both during manufacturing and aftermarket as the water-resistance wears off over time.

A downside to waterproofing is that it’s just as good as keeping water in as it is keeping water out. Non-waterproof shoes tend to have vents that increase airflow and let the water pour out more easily (or they use permeable materials like mesh). Runners usually opt for waterproof shoes for running in snow, really cold temperatures, or somewhat wet conditions, not torrential downpours. (In those conditions, you’re going to get wet anyway.) What’s more, waterproof tech will only keep you so dry because moisture can still sneak in around your shoe’s collar. A gaiter can help with that though.

Nothing is 100% foolproof. You’ll still want to avoid submerging your feet in puddles. But you don’t have to let a little rain stop you from training. The following waterproof running shoes for roads and trails will keep you dry, warm, and comfortable in wet weather.

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