Shyft Group’s Red Diamond Introduces KONI Premium Shocks

Shyft Group’s Red Diamond Introduces KONI Premium Shocks

NOVI, Mich. – Red Diamond Aftermarket Solutions, a go-to-market brand of The Shyft Group (NASDAQ: SHYF), will exhibit at the 2023 Florida RV SuperShow and introduce its line of Red Diamond Shocks by premium manufacturer KONI.

Known for making adjustable shocks for numerous brands of RVs and coaches, KONI’s high-performance, premium twintube shocks feature independent bump and rebound control, which allows for high rebound forces without sacrificing driving comfort. The portfolio of shocks includes the new Frequency Selective Damper (FSD) for select motorhomes, which filters out vibrations before they are detectable inside the coach and offers a smooth ride over expansion joints while controlling pitching and swaying.

“Our latest addition to the Red Diamond product line fits with our goal of providing RV owners with best-in-class aftermarket products,” said Steve Guillaume, President of Shyft Specialty Vehicles. “High-quality shocks are important for proper performance and a comfortable ride – choose Red Diamond Shocks from KONI for smooth roads ahead.”

The Red Diamond brand launched in 2022 to reflect the expanded offerings from its Spartan® RV Chassis’ Parts and Services heritage. It now serves the broader RV market with access to trusted, top-performing aftermarket products, including the Self-Leveling System that enables leveling of the coach at the touch of a button, the RunFlat system that enables drivers to safely steer and brake during a tire blowout, an Air Booster that keeps motorcoach tires at the recommended pressure, and premium windshield wipers.

KONI shocks are available for purchase and installation at select Spartan RV Chassis Authorized Service Centers or at the Red Diamond Service Center in Charlotte, Michigan. They can also be purchased online at the Red Diamond website for installation by professional technicians or experienced DIYers.

RV SuperShow attendees are invited to visit the Spartan RV exhibit at 560 E Midway to learn more about the Red Diamond KONI shocks, new Red Diamond leveling system and other aftermarket offerings.