Sauna for One! Check out the 6 Best Personal Saunas of 2023

Hailing from one of the coldest countries on earth, the ancient tradition of heat bathing has endured for centuries as a popular way to relax the body and mind. Whether it’s a barrel sauna, an infrared sauna equipped with modern bells and whistles, or a wood fired hot tub, the end goal always remains the same: to immerse oneself in a synthesis of wood, fire, water, and air.

Over the years, the traditional sauna has seen many different iterations, most recently, personal saunas have emerged as a popular choice, along with the odd portable sauna. It speaks volumes that the growing desire for a personal space to bathe in peace signals an even greater need for a way to escape the hustle of modern life by entering into the elemental.

In this guide, we’ve scoured the many different personal sauna and portable sauna options available on the market and handpicked the best in each category. From high-tech saunas with a tiny footprint that you can have in your house (!) to adorable yet functional pods and cubes that blend into the landscape, each one is designed to be a haven of peace, calm, and well, sweat. Read on to see our top picks, interesting sauna alternatives, and scroll all the way down for answers to the most popular personal sauna questions.

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Personal Sauna Frequently Asked Questions:

Do Personal Saunas Have Health Benefits?

Yes! Just like any other type of sauna, a personal sauna (meaning, big enough for 1-2 people, or three max!), has far-reaching impacts that go beyond a good sweat. Bathing in sustained, elevated heat has been shown to boost cardiovascular health, enhance circulation, lower blood pressure, and reduce inflammation. It’s also a great, all-natural way to quickly relieve muscle tension and promote deep relaxation. Oh, and all that sweating? Regular sauna bathers will find it deeply hydrates and cleanses the skin for a lasting healthy glow. Overall, it supports the body’s natural detoxification process and has long-lasting health benefits the more frequently you do it.

What is the Best Temperature for a Personal Sauna?

The general rule of thumb is to heat a sauna room somewhere between 150 to 195 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it’s always best to notice what feels best in your body and drink plenty of water before and after in order to remain well hydrated. Keep in mind that adding steam (use the bucket and ladle to pour water over the heater’s sauna rocks as a natural steam generator) increases the humidity and will feel much hotter than a dry sauna (no humidity). Again, pay attention to the temperature and humidity levels that feel right to you.

How Long Should You Sit in a Sauna?

Bathing in a heated sauna room for 8-15 minutes is enough time to raise the body’s core temperature and experience the healing effects. That being said, leave the sauna whenever the heat does not feel right for you at that moment. If you like to cycle through multiple sauna sessions, wait 5-10 minutes in between to allow your body to cool down, and make sure to drink plenty of water.

Now that we’ve covered the basics and core details of sauna life, let’s dive into our picks for the best personal saunas available now.

The 6 Best Personal Saunas of 2023