RVMP Wants RVers to Have Access to Power Generation

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RVMP was established in 2018 to create highly technical products in the RV space. The company was founded on a backbone of 20+ years of experience in the RV industry, working with everyone from small suppliers all the way up to the largest OEM manufacturers to learn every aspect of designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing equipment.

Chief Operating Officer Brian Carmichael remembers those early days.

“So, Jimmy Conroy, our CEO, and I met freshman year of college and went different work directions after graduation, but realigned over the past few years on this opportunity,” said Carmichael. “Today, we produce installed generators for the RV and other industries. We also build out a wide variety of portable generators for the RV lifestyle or home use, as well as on-demand tankless water heaters and solar options.”

Traditionally, RVMPs business has focused on RV OEMs, but last year the team decided that it would make sense to create a more consumer-facing brand, so they built up the digital assets to support that and started reaching out to dealers, dealer networks, and direct-to-retail consumers.

RVMP Flex Power 4.0kW Inverter Installed Generator

“Right now we have a handful in the generator space that are distributors,” said Carmichael. “We work directly with dealers and then we also have a web presence for direct-to-retail consumers. We opened up a facility in Columbus, Ohio to manage the business outside of the OEM space.”

In addition to the headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, RVMP also has distribution offices and research and development facilities. “We also have a presence in Elkhart to support OEMs, with a lot of the engineering, legal, and digital team sitting in Ohio.”

RVMP designs, engineers and patents everything in the U.S., with some production also in North America, in addition to sourcing from overseas, according to Carmichael. “Whether it be managing supply chain issues or any other geopolitical risk for our customers, we continue to open and explore other options to better serve our customers, like owning the tech. It’s not like it’s a private label, but owning the tech and owning the tooling and owning the patents means they’re ours to move to the most advantageous business environment.”

RVMP Flex Temp OnDemand Tankless Water Heater

The company’s top products are installed generators, on-demand water heaters and portable generators. Even though they have a laser focus on RV products these days, they still have some reach into the marine market and also in backup power for security operations, off-grid living and in the telecommunications space.

“We’re seeing a trend across the board with folks that just want to have reliable power available to them at all times,” said Carmichael. “That’s why one of our mottos is ‘wherever the road takes you.’ When campgrounds are full or people want to have that option to just take off and go and not think about where they get their power from, we provide those power solutions.”

RVMP Flex Power 4500i

RVMP is seeing energy needs and more market penetration at the OEM level on the big fifth wheel and toy hauler side of the business, RV enthusiasts who have toys to keep charged and may also want to do some dry camping or boondocking. They’re also seeing business with RV inventory already out in the market that is prepped for a generator, so owners are looking to outfit or upfit their coaches to fit their growing power generation needs. This summer, the company is launching a sales force to better reach RV dealers and service its customer base. This will help to grow the business even further.

“We want to consistently support our customers and perform for years ahead and years to come,” said Carmichael. “We’re in it to build a long-lasting business and will continue to innovate as the industry continues to adapt to customers’ ever changing needs.”

Source: https://rvbusiness.com/rvmp-wants-rvers-to-have-access-to-power-generation/