RVing With Dogs Made Easy: An Honest Review Of The FXW Dog Playpen

RVing With Dogs Made Easy: An Honest Review Of The FXW Dog Playpen
RVing with dogs in a FXW dog playpen
The FXW Dog Playpen is perfect for those RVing with dogs

The Ultimate Dog Playpen for RVers: An In-Depth Look at the FXW Model

Finding a suitable outdoor space for your dogs while RVing can be a challenge. Most RV parks and campgrounds enforce the rule of keeping pets on a leash, which is crucial to abide by. However, if you have multiple dogs like myself, it can be tedious to manage them on leashes or tie-outs, and constantly detangle them from nearby trees.

If you resonate with my examples, then you will appreciate the FXW Dog Playpen. It offers ample room for your canine to roam without any constraints. Plus, you can relish a beverage or snack while sitting in your camping chair or by the fire, without having to hold onto the leash.

About the FXW Dog Playpen

The product is specifically ordered for the size of your dog. I received 12 panels that were 40 inches high. It was more than enough to keep my 30-pound Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and 40-pound Mini Australian Shepherd enclosed safely. I could have added more panels to the order for a larger space to run around.

The pen was easy to assemble. It probably took my husband and me about 10 minutes to complete. It was also easy to take apart and put away. The stakes are rounded at the top, so they won’t injure you or the dog.

They can be easily inserted into soft ground. The stakes also help to give the pen some stability if the dog puts its paws against the panel or leans against it. There is also an automatic gravity-activated locking mechanism, which means you can open and close the door smoothly and reduces the chance of dogs unlocking it by themselves.

The playpen features a powder coating that will protect against rust. It’s great for RVers who are on the go. You will, however, have to purchase a carry case or straps separately.

Other considerations

You might want to consider a few aspects of the FXW playpen for your particular dog. The pen does have fencing with both vertical and horizontal bars. If Fido is an escape artist, you might want to keep that in mind. The cost of our size playpen is around $250. Extras such as the carry bag, the carry straps, and the stake bag are sold separately.

You might also want to consider the weight of the product, particularly if you are concerned about watching your RV weight. Mine was listed as 75 pounds on the shipping manifest.

Overall, I think the FXW Dog Playpen is a great option to keep your dogs safe and contained. The pen also has great reviews. Check it out on Amazon.

Check out the website, find FXW on Instagram, or find more information on People.com.

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