RVDA of Canada is Seeking Nominations for Committees

RICHMOND, B.C. – RVDA of Canada is seeking nominations for three national committees: Canadian Recreation vehicle Coalition Committee, RV Dealers Convention/Expo Committee and National Education & HR Committee.

Several positions are available for RVDA of Canada members to get an insider view of association activities, engage in important discussions affecting the RV industry and opportunity to make a change.

Eleonore Hamm

“We look for dealer feedback to develop new programs and initiatives. With directives from the RVDA of Canada board, committees then further expand and enhance educational offerings at the annual RV Dealers Convention/Expo and in various formats throughout the year. Committee members bring many areas of expertise to help the association further its mission to provide support and strength to protect and promote the interests and welfare of Canadian RV dealers. This ensures we maximize the potential of the industry for all involved. The Canadian RV Coalition Committee is a very important forum for RV industry leaders to engage in meaningful dialogue,” said Eleonore Hamm, president of RVDA of Canada.

Chardell Brydon

“It’s a natural progression for me to join the national Education-HR committee as I was involved in the Atlantic Education Committee,” said Chardell Brydon, chair, RVDA of Canada Education-HR Committee. “As a dealer in Nova Scotia, it’s been a great opportunity for me to learn and discuss with dealers across the country on their experiences with employee training and recruitment. We come together as a group to evaluate program offerings that would benefit all dealership employees across the country. The current committee composition reflects a good mix of professional knowledge and experience including dealer, educator, technician, business executive and manufacturer.”

Nominations are accepted until May 12, 2023.


Canadian Recreation Vehicle Coalition Committee – The Canadian Recreation Vehicle Coalition Committee was established in 2011 to provide a forum for the cooperative discussion and addressing of issues affecting all entities participating in the RV industry in Canada.

The committee consists of ten voting members, drawn as follows: two representatives from RV manufacturers located in Canada; two representatives from RV manufacturers located in the United States; three representatives from RV dealers located in Canada; the President of RVDA of Canada; the President of CRVA; and the President of RVIA.

This committee is currently seeking nominations for one Canadian RV dealer representative. Read more

RV Dealers Convention/Expo Committee – The RV Dealers Convention/Expo Committee was created for the development and ongoing consultation of the RV dealer training conference and expo.

The committee is Chaired by the first incoming Chairman of RVDA (US) with representation from RV retail, aftermarket and wholesale sectors in US and Canada. The individual committee members work very closely with RVDA (US) and Mike Molino RV Learning Centre staff to imagine and create an educational event to prepare dealers for the everchanging RV landscape.

This committee is currently seeking nominations for two Canadian RV dealer representatives.

 National Education & HR Committee – The National Education & HR Committee evaluates, facilitates and recommends educational programs of benefit to all RV retail establishments in Canada. This committee is also tasked to promote and raise awareness to career opportunities in the Canadian RV industry.

To ensure inclusive and cooperative discussion, an appointed chair, representative from each of the seven Provincial and Regional RVDA, a manufacturer representative from CRVA and an associate member-at-large complete the ten-member committee.

This committee is currently seeking nominations for one associate member-at-large representative.

Source: https://rvbusiness.com/rvda-of-canada-is-seeking-nominations-for-committees/