RV Underbed Storage Ideas Under $100

Cheap And Easy RV Underbed Storage Ideas  

Storage space in an RV is almost as valuable as fuel. Being able to tuck away off-season clothing, rolls of RV-safe toilet paper, and extra food is an added benefit to any camper.

One of the most underutilized places to add storage is under any of the beds in an RV. Many RVs already have convenient storage available. This includes beds that are built on struts and can be lifted up to reveal space underneath. In addition, some RVs come with underbed drawers or cabinets for extra storage. Some beds may not have any storage space at all, but we can help with that.

The key to adding a successful storage space under an RV bed is to be as organized as possible. This requires being able to contain items in their respectful spaces in separate bins or baskets.

Storage spaces in any RV can get out of hand quickly, especially when multiple different items are being stored. Sheets and towels can quickly get tangled up with engine tools and canned food if they are not contained.

Each of the options below can keep separate items contained and separated from each other. Some also come with labels to help all members of the family find stored items.

Best of all, these storage options are affordable. Each of these ideas and products cost less than $100. For that price, you may be able to buy several of them just to try them out.

Keep it soft

Some of the best storage options for an RV are the ones that are lightweight and soft. These not only keep down added weight in your RV, but they won’t bang into the bed interior frame and cause any damage during bumpy rides.

These options include soft-sided bins or upholstered storage containers. Stores such as IKEA, Target, and even Dollar Tree carry these types of containers. Many are divided into smaller compartments to store canned items, toiletries, or rolled-up clothing.

  • Hauga Upholstered Bed Box, ($95, IKEA): These framed boxes are upholstered and can fit both extra sheets and clothing. They also have small wheels to roll out easily. These may work best for RVs with side access, rather than top access.
  • Footlocker Disc-O-Bed/Kid-O-Bunk Under Bunk Storage ($59.99, Target): These expandable cot storage containers are made of water-resistant materials and have separate compartments for storing multiple items. They also pack down flat when not in use. They work great under bunk beds or single beds and come with handles for easy access.
  • NestNeatly SmartCube Underbed Storage ($26, Amazon):These soft but durable storage cubes include some features not found in other cubes. First off, they have clear lids so you can see what is inside. Second, they come with a lifetime warranty. In addition, the cubes come with adhesive tags so you can write what each cube contains.

DIY storage options

If you want something a little more customized in your RV, check out these DIY options. These are special in that they only require a few tools and very little materials—helping to keep the cost down.

  • Camco Pop-A-Drawer ($25, Amazon)This product essentially lets you create a drawer under any type of flat surface without adding too much weight. Made of durable polymer, it can be installed via two mounting brackets on tracks. These would work great under RV bunk beds or children’s twin beds.
  • Iris Under Bed Drawer ($32, The Container Store), magnetic sheets, and strong magnets ($19, Amazon): We use magnets for our spice racks and even our knives, so why not the bed? Magnets work great to keep items from flying around while traveling. Add magnetic strips or sheets to the bottom side of your RV bed and then add the opposite pole to the top of the Iris drawer. This leaves the underside of your bed open for vacuuming and keeping dust and dirt away from the drawers.
  • Baoyouni Closet Tension Shelf ($40 each, Amazon): If you want to customize a more modular storage space without containers, how about taking a cue from the closet? Expandable tension shelves create more space without requiring a hammer or screw gun. Used vertically rather than horizontally, this product can be extended out to six feet long to create divided areas underneath a bed. Additional soft bins or drawers can be placed in between the tension shelves for additional organization.

Get ideas from other RVers

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