RV News: CyberTrailer Details Emerge, a New Pop-Top Camper Van, and Much More

Despite it being a holiday week here in the US, it was still a busy one for the RV industry. Before heading off into the weekend, here are a few things you may have missed over the past few days:

  • Living Vehicle Shares Details for Futuristic ‘CyberTrailer’: Luxury travel trailer manufacturer Living Vehicle has shared some details on its upcoming CyberTrailer model. The new towable was announced at Overland Expo West a few weeks back and takes its design cues from the Tesla CyberTruck. But this high-tech trailer has a lot more to offer, including a whopping 5kW of onboard solar, the ability to charge an electric tow vehicle, and a backup power system for when sunlight is at a premium. The camper also features self-powered trailer axles, 240V charging for e-bikes and other powered gear, a toy hauler garage, and an aerodynamic design made to increase towing range. More info regarding the launch of the CyberTrailer is coming soon, including an expected launch window. Price starts at $175,000.
  • Alliance Adds Avenue 23ML Model: Hot on the heels of the introduction of the Delta Ultralight trailer last week, Alliance RV has added an exciting new floorplan to its Avenue line. The 23ML comes with a griddle/grill, a mini-fridge, theater seating, a 50″ smart TV, 200W of solar, an extra large pantry, and much more. Check out the new offering on the Alliance website.
Noovo Pop

Photo Credit: Noovo

  • Noovo Reveals New Class B Camper Van: Noovo—a company that specializes in Class B camper vans—has announced the addition of its latest model. The new Noovo Pop rides on the Dodge Ram platform and features a pop-up rooftop tent that allows it to comfortably sleep four. The RV also comes with a permanent queen-size bed, an indoor shower, a dedicated toilet, and a 1,320Ah battery array. All for a starting price of $165,500. To find out more, click here.
  • AIMS Power Launches Innovative New Battery Tech: AIMS Power has introduced a new battery that promises to address a number of issues common to traditional power cells. The company’s new lithium-ion model delivers 104A and 12V of power but also comes with an innovative wake-up feature that prevents the battery from requiring a jump start after a deep discharge. The new battery also has self-heating capabilities to improve charging in colder temperatures. RV News has more information here.
Front Runner Slimline roof rack

Photo Credit: Front Runner

  • Front Runner Adds Slimline II Roof Rack for New Land Cruiser: The new Land Cruiser looks like a winner for Toyota, but the aftermarket for add-on parts will take the vehicle to an entirely new level. To that end, Front Runner—a subsidiary of Dometic—has added a Land Cruiser-compatible version of its Slimline II roof rack, which also fits other off-road models like the Ford Bronco, Land Rover Defender, and the Mercedes G-Wagen.
  • Truma Adds Soft-Start Technology to Air Conditioners: While Truma’s air conditioning units are already very efficient, like most A/C units they still require plenty of power on startup. This week, the company announced that it is partnering with SoftStartUSA to bring its proprietary soft-start technology to the Aventa eco or comfort models. This will significantly reduce the number of amps required to power on, lowering the amount of electricity needed. This will extend battery life and further enhance off-grid camping.

That’s all for this week. See you next Friday for another round-up of the latest news from the RV and camping industry.

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