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ELKHART, Ind. – A name has been attached to the historic, one-of-a kind library at the RV/MH Hall of Fame, according to a release. In honor of his late wife Joanne, fellow Hall of Fame enshrinee Newt Kindlund recently donated $150,000 to the Hall of Fame to help further the Hall of Fame’s mission in preserving the industries’ history, lifting up its honorable members, and educating guests on what both industry’s are all about. Coinciding with his generosity and passion for the industries’ incredible history, the Hall of Fame has renamed the library as the “Kindlund RV/MH Library”.

Newt would like to challenge other retired or current industry members who have benefited personally from the RV or MH industries to match him in donating at a capacity that they are capable. If you would like to take Newt up on this challenge, please contact Darryl Searer at 574-903-3850.

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