RV LIFE: Passport America Camping Club Still Going Strong

RV LIFE: Passport America Camping Club Still Going Strong

Although RVing is a hobby or lifestyle often born from disposable income, that doesn’t negate the desire to save money where possible. For over three decades, RVers have been saving 50% on campgrounds with membership in Passport America, according to a report by Patrick Buchanan for RV LIFE, a suite of websites and digital tools for RVers.

Lately, however, the RV community seems to only want to talk about camping with llamas and parking in wineries. While these are novel and fun ideas, the majority of campers still need to frequent regular RV parks that offer full amenities. The new breed of remote workers, road schoolers, and digital nomads need affordable campgrounds that have a full suite of park services, without always paying full price.

Passport America is back

While never actually being “gone”, the folks at Passport America want to remind the camping universe that they still offer fantastic discounts. Passport America members enjoy 50% discounts at over 1,200 parks in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Family-owned Passport America is the world’s largest discount RV campground program. Membership in Passport America is only $44/year and is the only fee you pay.

While saving 10% is fine, saving 50% is significant. Although RVers tend to want to leave terms like “ROI” back at the office, the reality is that with just a couple of nights’ stay, you will fully recoup the return on your investment in your Passport America membership.

Read the full report by RV LIFE.

Source: https://rvbusiness.com/rv-life-passport-america-camping-club-still-going-strong/