RV Destinations Magazine Offers In-Depth Destination Coverage for RVers

The cover photo of florida keys from the first issue of RV Destinations magazine.
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RV Destinations Magazine Inspires with Stunning Imagery

If you take the best parts of your favorite RV magazine, add a travel magazine, and toss in a healthy dose of National Geographic, you’ll get some idea of what RV Destinations Magazine looks like. Having been a large format print magazine many years ago, RV LIFE has a soft spot for great magazines, digital or print, that serve RVers. RV Destinations Magazine, a current digital offering with a high-quality print version on the way, serves to inspire RVers to experience RV destinations across North America. 

In fact it’s the tagline “Be Inspired” that drives the RV Destinations Magazine staff to provide campers with in-depth articles about well-known destinations, as well as hidden gems that are off the beaten path. RV Destination’s goal is to fill their pages with the stunning imagery that tug at your travel heart-strings and inspire you to get out and explore. Although RV Destinations Magazine is primarily geared towards RVers, whether you’re trekking by backpack, tent, Class A, B or C motorhome, travel trailer, or just the backseat of your car, this magazine is for you.

To Print or Not to Print

The arrival of your favorite magazine used to be an event to look forward to. RVers have grown tired of shallow, thin, RV print magazines. When the local Sam’s Club flier has more content than a “leading” popular RV magazine, you know you are getting short changed. If we wanted a skimpy magazine filled with QR codes to take us back online…we wouldn’t have bothered with that magazine to begin with.

Just because we can consume almost anything digitally, it doesn’t mean we want to every time either. There is still nothing like sitting down and relaxing with a great magazine. RV Destinations Magazine, a quarterly publication currently already in digital format, has seen the need for a high-quality print magazine that focuses on RV destinations. In addition to their fantastic digital version, an all new print version of RV Destinations Magazine will provide you with 84 pages of the same stunning imagery and content, cover to cover, in a coffee-table style magazine printed on high quality paper. 

There is also nothing like having a choice, and with RV Destinations Magazine, you can choose to digest that content on an iPad, a phone, a laptop…anything you choose really. You can also look forward to the quarterly delivery of that great print version. RV Destinations strives to answer the what, when, where and why an RVer will want to travel to a specific destination, and do it in a classic, enjoyable way.

A view of the iconic monument valley
Gorgeous photography like this shot of Monument Vally runs throughout RV Destinations Magazine

It’s Not Just The Journey, It’s The RV Destinations Too!

We’ll be the first to acknowledge there are at least a few good RV magazines out there, digital or otherwise. Every good magazine has to find its own calling though. What will separate it from the rest? RVers are often found quoting some form of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s famous line, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” RVing is a journey in itself, and the destination is a bonus. Let’s not forget however that ultimately, the destination must be worthy of that journey, which often comes at a fair amount of effort and expense. 

RV Destinations Magazine, as you might have guessed, focuses on in-depth information about great destinations for RVers of every kind. Instead of a paragraph or two about a featured destination, you’ll get several pages about every location, complete with stunning photographs, each one Hasselblad-worthy in of itself.

The writing is informative, concise, and commensurate with the photography. While all of this great content is geared towards RVers traveling North America, occasionally you’ll get a taste of the exotic via the RVD International column, which focuses on more distant locations. Here again, the photography is absolutely stunning, rivaling anything top magazines like National Geographic have ever done.

Digital, Print, or Both…You Choose RV Destinations Your Way

Whether you like to scroll your pages or turn them, if you are an RVer and love beautiful, organized, and complete content…you’ll want to consider RV Destinations Magazine. Digital versions can be read across multiple devices and platforms, have limited advertising, and can even be downloaded for offline viewing, a huge plus for RVers! Subscribe today at rvdestinationsmagazine.com

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