RV Designer Offers All-New Interior Lighting Assortment

RV Designer Offers All-New Interior Lighting Assortment

WHEELING,Ill.– RV Designer announced today (Jan. 31) in a press release the introduction of a focused range of RV Interior Lights for replacement and upgrade. This 14-sku assortment features the most popular pancake lights, puck lights, porch lights and reading lights typically used in motorized or towable RV applications.

The program is a collaboration between RVD and LaSalle Bristol’s Gustafson product line. Twelve of those fourteen lights are LED based for longevity, cool running and low power draw.

RV Designer President John Tinghitella states, “This co-branded program combines Gustafson’s strong Original Equipment presence with RV builders, along with RV Desginer’s packaging excellence. We’ve endeavored to provide retailers with a well merchandised set of hardware and related replacement categories. This is our first foray into lighting as we continue to organize disparate product groupings into cohesive product lines.”

The products are neatly packaged with easy visual access, simple explanation and RVD’s exclusive Lifetime Commitment. RVD will display the range in a tight 21” x 50” PlanoGram for use in RV Dealer Parts & Accessory departments. Product is available now through your preferred RV Distributor.

For more information contact Dealer Sales Manager, Nick Gomez at 909-256-9270, or [email protected]

Source: https://rvbusiness.com/rv-designer-offers-all-new-interior-lighting-assortment/