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Roadtrek’s 50th Anniversary Rally Set to Make History

Roadtrek - A Rally Home - 50th Anniversary Rally
Roadtrek – A Rally Home – 50th Anniversary Rally

Cambridge, Ontario, June 14th, 2024 – Roadtrek Inc. is excited about preparations for their upcoming 50th Anniversary Rally, marking a significant milestone in the company’s journey, which is celebrating the brands 50th birthday.

Nicholas Rousseau
Nicholas Rousseau

“Roadtrek, with its 50th anniversary, is the oldest Class B brand manufacture in North America.” said Nicolas Rousseau, CEO of the Rapido Group“Known for its quality and innovative products along with excellent service, Roadtrek has continued to uphold these values since joining the Rapido Group in 2019. Roadtrek is part of the European, 100% family-owned Rapido Group, which has been dedicated to building the best possible product at the right price for the last 75 years. Owning a Roadtrek means being part of the brand’s legacy and community. Thank you to all Roadtrek owners for your trust and participation. Happy birthday to all of you!”

Roadtrek Rally 2024
Roadtrek Rally 2024

The enthusiasm surrounding the launch of this rally has been incredible. “Ticket sales went live at 9 AM on Tuesday, June 4th, and Roadtrek is on track to gather 150 Roadtreks and their owners, along with event sponsors, dealers, and employees, for this historic celebration.” said Kylie Johnson, Head of Marketing at Roadtrek Inc.

This rally, themed “A Rally Home,” reflects the spirit, adventure, and camaraderie that have defined Roadtrek Inc.’s journey. Scheduled for August 13-15, 2024, at the picturesque Guelph Lake Conservation Area in Ontario, Canada, this event promises to be a unique and unforgettable experience. Roadtrek Inc. has been working in collaboration with the not-for-profit organization Roadtrek International to plan this monumental event. “Our Roadtrek International Chapter is thrilled to celebrate 50 years of Roadtrek manufacturing.” said Chris Oberhoffer, President of Roadtrek International. “This milestone represents years of enjoyment and community for our members. By working together, we’ve made this 50th Anniversary event possible, fostering a new era of communication and support between Roadtrek Inc. and Roadtrek owners. We look forward to continued collaboration, ensuring resources and support for quality, versatility, and enjoyment of owning a Roadtrek.”

Event Highlights

Exclusive Factory Tours: For the first time since COVID-19, Roadtrek Inc. is reopening its manufacturing plant for an exclusive tour during the event. Attendees will have the rare opportunity to witness firsthand how Roadtreks are crafted.

  • Focus Groups: Attendees will share invaluable insights and help shape the future of Roadtrek Inc.
  • Meet and Greet: Interact with Roadtrek’s CEO and a few surprise guests.
  • Expert Seminars: Learn from the best in the industry and gain insights into the latest RV trends.
  • Vendor Alley: Explore a variety of vendors offering unique products and services.
  • Catered Dinner: Attendees with experience an elevated take on your traditional camp BBQ, featuring fresh, locally sourced ingredients that highlight the rich culinary traditions of Ontario, Canada.
  • Concert: featuring the dynamic five-piece band, Coalescence. Known for their eclectic mix of rock, R&B, blues, and jazz, transporting guests through the evening via classic road trip tunes.
Coalescence band will appear at the Roadtrek 50th anniversary rally
Coalescence band will appear at the Roadtrek 50th anniversary rally

This rally is particularly special as it marks the first large-scale gathering hosted by Roadtrek Inc. since the brand’s 40th Anniversary celebration in 2013 in Branson, MO. “The 2013 rally was a landmark event for the Roadtrek brand, and we are eager to recreate that sense of community and excitement as we celebrate the brand’s 50th year. We even have a few surprise special guests that I know the community will be excited about,” said Kylie.

Gerhard Hundsberger
Gerhard Hundsberger

Industry partners have rallied behind Roadtrek Inc. to sponsor the event and contribute in meaningful ways. Truma was the first to jump on board and will be leading an expert seminar for attendees. “Truma is excited to be a part of Roadtrek’s 50th Anniversary Celebration,” said Gerhard Hundsberger, President & CEO of Truma North America. “We are proud of the partnership we have built with Roadtrek over the years, and look forward to continuing to positively impact the outdoor recreation market with Roadtrek’s innovative RVs, featuring Truma systems.”

Massimiliano Miletto Petrazzini
Massimiliano Miletto Petrazzini

Their support, along with that of other sponsors, is instrumental in making this event a success and providing valuable experiences for all attendees. Massimiliano Miletto Petrazzini, CEO of Roadtrek Inc., expressed his gratitude, “We are thankful for the contributions of our sponsors. It is because of strong partners in this industry that we can make great products and connect with our ownership community in meaningful ways.”

Sean Heintz, Service & Warranty Specialist at Roadtrek Inc., shared “We are thrilled to finally put faces to the voices we’ve connected with over the phone. Meeting our customers in person at the rally is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen our community. Roadtrek is not just a business; it’s a family. We look forward to reconnecting with old friends and making new ones.”

Roadtrek Inc. welcomes media and influencers who wish to attend and cover the 50th Anniversary Rally. This is an excellent opportunity to experience the Roadtrek community firsthand and create compelling content around the RV lifestyle. Interested parties are required to contact the Roadtrek Inc. marketing team for more information and to arrange their attendance.

“As we gear up to celebrate a monumental milestone, Roadtrek’s 50th Anniversary, we’re reminded of the spirit, adventure, and camaraderie that have defined our journey together. This special event is not just a reflection of our past but a celebration of our future. We are excited to host our owners for this grand celebration, where we’ll honor our legacy, share stories, and look forward to the innovation that lies ahead.” concluded Kylie.

You can learn more about the Roadtrek inc. 50th Anniversary Rally, and get tickets on their official website

About Roadtrek Inc.:

Roadtrek Inc., a pioneer in the class B RV industry since 1974, continues to redefine the travel experience with innovative, user-oriented designs. With a rich history spanning five decades, Roadtrek remains a trusted name in the world of adventure and exploration.

It all started with a man and a dream. Jac Hanemaayer first became interested in the RV business while designing his own model with Home & Park Vehicles Limited in 1974. The process of combining the comforts of a larger motorhome into a compact and easy-to-drive van was such an enjoyable life experience for Hanemaayer, he decided to purchase the company. Being an innovator at heart, the Roadtrek motorhome was truly born in 1980 when Hanemaayer redesigned the vehicle to have the now famous sweeping roofline, lowered floor and three-section floor plan.

Roadtrek Inc. has come a long way from the early success in developing a comfortable and functional Class B motorhome. Roadtrek Inc. now offers a full line of Class B coaches built on Mercedes Sprinter and Ram ProMaster chassis which range in size and style to suit any RV lifestyle.

The Roadtrek brand was acquired by Groupe Rapido in 2019. The acquisition created Roadtrek Inc., headquartered in Cambridge, Ontario Canada with a sole focus on building quality Class B motorhomes for the North American market.

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