Retailer ‘XGRiD Campers’ Announces Several OEM Partnerships

Retailer ‘XGRiD Campers’ Announces Several OEM Partnerships

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In separate releases, Las Vegas-based dealer XGRiD Campers announced it is continuing its partnership with Utah-based Xpedition Trailers and has begun a new one with Australia’s Track Trailers.

XGRiD Campers’ continued partnership with Xpedition Trailers means it will offer the 2023 Xpedition Voyager, a leading overlanding and off-road camper, designed and engineered for true, 4-season, off-grid camping.

The 2023 Voyager offers the Truma Combi water heater and furnace, heated water tank with insulated lines, heated galley storage, dual heated Battleborn LiFePO4 batteries, and multiple temperature sensors positioned through the camper making this rig perfect for winter camping adventures to hunt, fish, and be off-grid in freezing temps.

“We’re super excited to now offer the 2023 Voyager by Xpedition Trailers to our customers who enjoy spending the winter outdoors exploring,” said Loren Walker, owner of XGRiD Campers. “Xpedition Trailers continues to impress us with their innovation of offering outdoor adventurers a highly capable, off-road camper, with 4-season comfort that you can take on any hunting, skiing, or ice fishing trip, no matter what the elements throw at you.”

Leveraging industry leading components like the RedArc Redvision, Battleborn batteries, Truma Combi furnace, and Xpedition Trailers’ proprietary trailing arm suspension, the Voyager boasts the best technology and capabilities that the off-grid and overlanding community seek.  The Redvision with Manager 30 provide the ultimate power solution with 30A shore charging, MPPT solar charging, and DC-DC charging all controlled by an innovative display panel or via Bluetooth with the Redvision app on a smartphone.

“It’s incredible to see a project meant for your own family become available to the outdoor community,” said Artie Nuttall, president of Xpedition Trailers. “We have an amazing group of craftsmen that bring these trailers to life and the durability and functionality of them really shows why they are a premier overlanding trailer. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing people develop a love of the outdoors and we are honored to be a part of helping people access the backcountry like never before.”

XGRiD Campers and Xpedition Trailers will be debuting the 2023 Voyager at the Great American Outdoor Show Feb 4, in Harrisburg Pa. Customers can view the trailer at the show or at XGRiD Campers’ Las Vegas showroom and headquarters adjacent to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

For more information and to schedule a showroom tour, call 702.779.3397 or visit

XGRiD Campers Partnership with Australia’s Track Trailers

Meanwhile, the partnership with Australian (Melbourne-based) Track Trailers brings their 38 years of manufacturing experience and the award-winning Tvan Camper Trailer, to the United States. XGRiD’s partnership with Track Trailers marks the second Australian-built, off-road and overlanding camper brand to be imported and distributed in the United States by the Las Vegas-based dealership.

“We are so excited to partner with the team at Track Trailers and add the Tvan Camper Trailer to our best-in-class line-up of off-road and overlanding campers,” said Loren Walker, owner of XGRiD Campers. “Track Trailers is Australian owned and manufactured and known in Australia as a premier outdoor lifestyle brand offering innovative, high-performance, recreational vehicles.  We are proud to represent them in the United States and bring this level of quality and thoughtful design to our customers.”

The Tvan Camper Trailer, launched in 2000, has become well known for its distinct rugged design, strength, and industry-leading off-road capabilities. Widely acclaimed by owners and the media, the Track Tvan has earned accolades for their continual design improvements and option development, evolving to meet and exceed expectations.

Key 2023 features include:

  • Proprietary MC2 trailing arm suspension
  • Living space both inside and outside of the trailer with Skyward Lift Up Deck, custom awnings for shade and protection from the elements, and rear standing pod
  • Integrated electrical 30amp RedArc RedVision System
  • Premium kitchen providing the creature comforters of home
  • Front boot options- bike rack, dual fridges, storage space.
  • Superior access to your equipment and living space by opening the rear of the van.

“The Tvan is truly a market leader in off-road performance, camping flexibility and style,” said Lloyd Waldron of Track Trailers. “For years now we have been receiving requests from the US, which proves the Tvan has won the hearts and minds of travelers, regardless of location. We have the utmost confidence that XGRiD will represent the Track brand with integrity and genuine enthusiasm and are so excited to finally share our passion with US explorers and adventurers.”

The 2023 Tvan-Zenith Camper Trailer offers a design that fully integrates the electrical system into one package, with Australia’s RedArc Redvision.   Redvision along with Manager 30 effectively replaces all the switches, gauges, and power controllers with a simple, state of the art display and mobile app.   All switching of circuits and lights, and monitoring of batteries and water tanks can easily be controlled from your phone via Bluetooth at camp or in bed.  The set up features a 30A shore charger, MPPT solar charger, and DC to DC charger providing for ultimate off-grid power capabilities.

The Tvan also features the Quick Cover™ awning, which can be deployed in two minutes, packed up simultaneously, and provides substantial coverage over the front, kitchen, and side of the Tvan. With arms that pivot to the front and rear of the van, the awning can be used with any level of van setup, including closed deck closed or tent. For extended stays or more coverage, the Tvan also includes the Full Annex and covers the entire length of the Tvan.

Arriving in February 2023, customers can schedule an in-person or virtual tour of the Tvan Camper Trailer at XGRiD Campers’ Las Vegas showroom adjacent to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  XGRiD Campers is the premier Southwest destination in the off-grid and off-road camper market, serving first-time adventurers and overlanding enthusiasts looking to escape the ordinary by offering the best brands from the US and Australia. For more information and to schedule a showroom tour, call 702.779.3397 or visit or

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