Officials Frustrated with Unused FEMA Trailers in Florida – RVBusiness – Breaking RV Industry News

FEMA trailers sitting near the Punta Gorda Airport are raising concerns, according to a report by WINK, a CBS television affiliate based in Fort Myers covering Southwest Florida.

The Charlotte County Airport Authority is getting hit with code violations, saying the trailers need to go.

FEMA now has less than ten days left to remove these trailers, or else this case could wind up before a special magistrate.

Since Hurricane Ian, dozens of FEMA trailers have sat on land that FEMA leases from the airport.

“Because we own 2,000 acres with highway access, we are often asked by agency partners to provide land for staging vehicles before and after storms,” said Kaley Miller, director of marketing and communications at the airport.

Shaun Cullinan, a Charlotte County Planning and Zoning official, added, “We had worked with the state and federal agencies in order to get them there for disbursement to residents impacted by it.”

But after Idalia, Cullinan said things changed.

“It more became then they were starting to distribute it out to other places throughout the state, and it wasn’t necessarily for Charlotte County citizens,” he explained.

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