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While the bowhunting season is still a couple of months away, archers looking for a new compound bow will want to get into a local pro shop soon so they can get in plenty of range reps before the opening bell.

Shops are stocked well right now, unless a person needs a custom rig, so chances are you can grab a new bow in the morning and be shooting tacks that same afternoon.


Mathews LIFT

The LIFT weighs less than 4 pounds, but performs like a heavyweight with the new SwitchWeight X Cam with speeds up to 348 feet per second (fps) while remaining deadly quiet. The LIFT uses reimagined RPD limbs and a new top axle system for lightweight stability.

The bow was built from the ground up with new cams, limbs, limb cups, riser, and strings that all work in perfect unison. The redesigned SWX Cam is the powerhouse of the bow with a steady stacking draw cycle resulting in a solid, locked-in backwall, providing unrivaled consistency and accuracy on the 29.5-inch or 31-inch model.

A skeletonized aluminum riser cuts weight while providing a rigid and stable carbon platform.



Gearhead P30

The new Gearhead P30 (the P stands for Pivot) adds a rotational limb support system into their unique shoot-through riser design. This feature takes stress off the limbs during the draw cycle, resulting in faster arrow speeds, a smoother draw cycle, and less noise and shock.

The P30 has an axle-to-axle of about 30 inches, a standard brace height of 6.25 inches, and an adjustable brace height of 5 to 6.75 inches, with three optional slider grips.

The draw length is adjustable thanks to a rotational module cam that changes the draw length in half-inch increments over a 4-inch range, and multiple string posts that changes the feel of the draw cycle. The model has up to 90% let-off and spits arrows out at 337 fps and can be converted from right- to left-handed.

It comes with standard hunting grip or can be upgraded to a Pick A Grip system for that custom feel. A 24-inch model is coming out this fall.



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Diamond Pro 320

Diamond Archery

The Pro 320 from Diamond Archery features a renowned Synchronized Binary Cam System for uncommon accuracy while the EZ-Adjust System makes simple draw weights adjustments easy to complete.

It’s a great choice for kids and adults and beginner to avid archer. It weighs just 3.6 pounds, has a 32-inch axle-to-axle, brace height of 7.25 inches, and has a snappy arrow flight of 320 fps.


Bowtech Core SR


The Core SR is a combination of speed, smoothness, and balance. It features a mass weight of 4.5 pounds, axle-to axle of 33 inches, a brace height of 6 inches and shoots a sizzling 344 fps.

CenterMass Technology aligns the sight to optimize stability and accuracy in every shot, and because the SR is equipped with DeadLock Technology, it offers superb arrow flight and repeatable accuracy.

Also handy is TimeLock, which allows for quick and easy cam position adjustments with a simple Allen wrench, so no bow press is needed. For a custom experience, GripLock allows custom positioning of grip angle to fine-tune your hold for increased accuracy.


PSE Mach 34


The carbon PSE Mach 34 delivers an amazing shooting experience, thanks in part to their Full Draw Stability system that provides an extremely stable shooting experience while also resisting induced torque at full draw.

With PSE’s Dead Frequency Carbon technology, the Mach 34 reduces vibration while delivering a lighter, stiffer, dead-in-hand experience while still reaching 340 fps.


Darton Sequel 31


The new Sequel 31 was designed for smoothness, comfort, and performance with a new FORGED 7075 T6 Riser and BBS Cam that produces arrow speeds exceeding 330 fps.

This forgiving and quiet rig features Darton’s new .870 limbs and limb pockets adding stability, speed, and an incredible feel.

The bow weighs 4.64 pounds, has a 33-inch axle-to-axle, and a brace height of 6.3 inches.



Bear PERSISTThe PERSIST achieves stealth by featuring strategically placed in-riser dampeners, an innovative string stop with built-in dampening, and new silent shelf technology to make an errant arrow contact with the riser undetectable.

Streamlining the bow’s profile is simple with new Picatinny mount for a sight and the integrated mounting system arrow rest. Built with the whitetail hunter in mind, an integrated loop to the limb pocket offers a quick and secure connection of a pull-up rope.

Great for the mobile hunter with a 31-inch axle-to-axle and forgiving 6.5-inch brace height boasting up to 90% let-off and speeds up to 340 fps.


Elite Ethos


Ethos sports an axle-to-axle length of 33 inches, a forgiving brace of 6-34 inches, and with their SP Cam system it can reach IBO speeds touching 340 fps.

Not only does the SP Cam provide some zip, but when coupled with the third generation Versa Mods, shooters can fine-tune their holding weight between 70% to 90% let-off.

While Elite’s Performance Mods come standard, shooters can also customize their rig with Smooth and 75% Mods as well. And when it comes to achieving perfect arrow flight, Elite’s micro-adjust S.E.T. technology (simple, exact, tuning) makes finding that sweet spot a breeze.



Prime RVX

The RVX is Prime’s most tunable and accurate bow to date, and made with industry leading nock travel, efficiency, and an incredible smooth feel.

The model is available in 32-, 34-, and 36-inch axle-to-axle configurations, and the Quik Tune technology allows the cam to be shifted left or right in a precise, straight forward way without needing to pull the axle.

They also offer a center grip riser designed with Swerve Technology, which controls riser torque, and improves aiming and stability through the entire shooting cycle.

For those chilly mornings in the stand, the Nano-grip is made with Aero-gel technology for a warm-to-the touch grip. It weighs in at 4.5 pounds and shoots arrows up to 342 fps.



Hoyt Carbon RX-8 Ultra

The Carbon RX-8 Ultra has wider and shorter limbs and an all-new cam system for superior smoothness and silence. It’s also their most “customizable” carbon bow ever.

The HBX XACT CAM has ¼-inch draw length adjustments, three let-off options, and two back-wall settings so it will fit and feel better than any previous Hoyt. They are designed to take full advantage of Hoyt’s In-Line accessory system, keeping them lightweight and perfectly balanced when fully outfitted.

A Vital Point Grip is designed with an optimal angle and shape to reduce hand torque, improve comfort, and increase accuracy while a Shortstop Stabilizer is lower and farther forward on the bow to be more effective than previous offerings.

It has an extremely forgiving 712-inch brace height, weight of 4.4 pounds, and speeds of 332 fps.


Source: https://www.outdoornews.com/2024/07/08/looking-for-a-new-compound-bow-the-2024-lineup-has-many-good-options/