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SANTA BARBARA Calif. – Living Vehicle, the pioneer in luxury electric trailers, unveiled the CyberTrailer earlier this summer, and now more details about this revolutionary off-grid smart home on wheels are available. The CyberTrailer “pushes the boundaries of mobile living and travel, offering unmatched performance and capabilities for adventure seekers,” according to a release.

Solar Power Dominance

The CyberTrailer harnesses the sun’s power with up to 5KW of off-grid solar production. This level is unprecedented in the RV industry and matches home solar systems. Integrated solar panels cover the entire surface of the roof. Solar-tracking awnings tilt towards the sun to maximize solar gain, capturing the most energy possible daily.

Mobile Charging Station

The CyberTrailer is fully compatible with electric tow vehicles, including the highly anticipated Tesla Cybertruck that inspired the CyberTrailer design. This integration addresses range and charging anxiety, ensuring seamless travel for EV enthusiasts. “The CyberTrailer reduces range anxiety and makes off-grid travel with electric vehicles a reality,” says Living Vehicle CEO Matthew Hofmann. “With our innovative technology, every journey can become limitless.”

Hybrid Energy System

The all-electric CyberTrailer recharges using both solar power and backup power generation. This redundant power system ensures the battery pack remains charged when solar exposure is limited. This dual-power solution creates rapid energy and supports Level 2 charging for tow vehicles.

Self-Powered Trailer Axles

The CyberTrailer features proprietary self-driving powered axles, dramatically reducing range loss with electric and gas-powered tow vehicles. This innovation allows travel to remote, off-grid locations. “We are committed to making off-grid adventures more accessible,” adds Hofmann. “Self-powered trailer axles are a game changer for reaching the most remote destinations.”

Aerodynamic Excellence

Extensive engineering optimizes the CyberTrailer’s aerodynamic performance with all tow vehicles. The design achieves maximum efficiency in power and fuel consumption. Whether maximizing EV range or increasing MPG in combustion vehicles, the CyberTrailer makes journeys more economical and environmentally friendly.

LV Patio and Toy-Hauler Design

The CyberTrailer features Living Vehicle’s signature folding patio deck, now located on the trailer’s rear. The patio doubles as an outdoor lounging space and lowers to the ground as a convenient ramp for toy-hauler-style storage, securely transporting larger recreational equipment such as motorcycles, bicycles, kayaks, and more.

Recharging Recreational Gear

The CyberTrailer’s 240V Level 2 charging capability recharges electric companion vehicles and recreational equipment such as e-bikes, motorcycles, and scooters. Its charging capabilities ensure all electric gear is fully charged and ready for action off-grid.

Full Product Release Coming Soon

Living Vehicle will unveil additional design details and never-before-seen features of the CyberTrailer later this summer. Stay tuned for an in-depth look at the luxurious interior, cutting-edge technology, and the much-anticipated keynote.

Reserve Your Independence 

Starting at $175,000, interested buyers are encouraged to reserve a spot on the waitlist today with a fully refundable $100 deposit at

About Living Vehicle

Living Vehicle designs and manufactures luxury electric trailers. Founded in 2017, the company creates sustainable, high-end mobile living solutions for a nomadic lifestyle without sacrificing comfort or functionality. Headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, Living Vehicle continues to innovate and set the standard for off-grid travel and adventure.