Latest ‘Rootless Living’ Explores Ups & Downs of VanLife

EDITOR’S NOTE: The November/December issue of Rootless Living, a consumer-facing nomadic lifestyle magazine, has just been published. Here’s what Publisher Demian Ross and Chief Editor Nikki Kirk have to say about this issue:

AS A PUBLISHER, I think it’s so weird that some magazines and blogs are literally starting to use artificial intelligence to write their stories. They would rather have a robot tell their readers how to do something relating to a lifestyle than have people who are actually living the lifestyle tell their stories. That’s not us, and it never will be.

When I started publishing back in 1998, I was shocked when I found that people were being hired to write about lifestyles they were not actually living. In 2019, that was one of the reasons we started Rootless Living—we saw so much content, especially magazines, being written from a cubicle in Chicago.

These writers were not living the lifestyle. They found information online and interviewed people, and worse, they would try to influence what this lifestyle was about without any personal experience. One of the core attributes that has made us a success is that our magazines are written exclusively by those who are actually living the life. We’ve probably had more stories written on a picnic table or from a lounge chair on the beach than any other publication.

Our writers are and always will be free-range writers.

I truly believe this is going to be a big deal, and we want to make sure you always know you are reading a story from an actual human that is living this lifestyle, not a robot regurgitating existing stories (possibly even sourcing info from our website and magazines) for a competing publication.

We started in 2019, saying, “For digital nomads, by digital nomads” (or “For full-time RVers, by full-time RVers”). This is one of our core beliefs, and it will never change.

Also, people need to go back and watch “The Terminator.” Making robots smart doesn’t end well.