Kentucky-Based Skaggs RV Outlet Acquires Valley RV Sales

Kentucky-Based Skaggs RV Outlet Acquires Valley RV Sales

Skaggs RV Outlet LLC in Elizabethtown, Ken., has recently acquired Valley RV Sales in Corbin Ken., which is about 140 miles to the southeast, according to a release.

Skaggs RV Outlet is a 40-year-old company in central Kentucky that is owned by NeVelle Skaggs and managed by his daughter, Alexis Skaggs. NeVelle Skaggs has been involved in the RV industry since the mid 70’s, working a summer job at a local RV dealer. Alexis graduated from Western Kentucky University with a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis in sustainable business. Alexis has been involved in the family RV business since her youth, and was recently selected to RV Pro magazine’s 40 Under 40, Class of 2023.

Valley RV Sales, also a 40-year-old company, is located in the foothills of the Appalachian region of Kentucky near I-75, a major north south route for travelers and the half way point between Lexington, Ken., and Knoxville, Tenn. The dealership was founded by Gary Elliott, a Corbin native, who operated the dealership with primarily the Jayco line until he retired and sold the company to Scott Gardner and Chris Bingham in 2016. Terry Reynolds, a nephew of Elliott, is the store manager.

NeVelle announced “We are excited to bring Valley RV Sales into our RV family. We want to continue the family culture and core values both dealerships have built their reputation on.  We will bring additional support and experience to help Valley RV grow to be a recognized brand in the eastern region”

“Valley RV Sales and Skaggs RV Outlet have both been helping families have fun since 1983,” Alexis commented. “I’m eager to continue the legacies of Valley RV’s founder, Gary Elliott, and Skaggs RV’s founder NeVelle Skaggs.  Valley RV’s long-standing commitment to customer care and quality service is an excellent fit with Skaggs RV’s values. We are excited to add Valley RV to the Skaggs Family of RV Dealerships.”

Valley RV General Manager Terry Reynolds said in a statement “It is truly an honor to be involved in such a merger. I am now blessed with access to over 80 years of experience and knowledge available to me. Mr. Skaggs and Uncle Gary each have over 40 years in the industry. I want to thank the Skaggs family for this opportunity and they have made me feel like I am part of the family. Several members of the Skaggs RV family have reached out and welcomed the employees at Valley RV and myself to the team and offer their assistance.  Alexis is a fountain of knowledge.  She has established some excellent training tools and programs that will help me become a better leader.  I am excited to begin this new adventure serving the customers of Skaggs RV and Skaggs Valley RV.”

Relocation into a new facility is in the five-year plan based on sales growth and economic conditions.

NeVelle Skaggs said they are being cautiously optimistic as they grow and expand to multiple locations.