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MIDDLEBURY, Ind. – Towable and motorized RV builder Jayco Inc.’s employees enjoyed a special moment yesterday (June 13) when nearly 300 members of the company’s customer service team shared an outdoor luncheon and celebrated the complete renovation of Jayco’s Customer Service Center in Middlebury.

The upbeat event, which took place in front of the company’s remodeled three-story service center just south of Jayco’s headquarters on Ind. 5, also featured an off-the-wall, pie-throwing session. Jayco’s customer service employees donated money for an opportunity to throw whipped cream and chocolate pies at selected senior management executives, raising more than $5,000 in the process for the Middlebury Boys & Girls Club. 

“So, this is all about a new re-grand opening of our customer service building here on the Middlebury campus,” Jayco President and CEO Ken Walters told RVBusiness. “You know, a number of companies (competitors) have talked recently about their customer service – their customer experience and facilities — but it’s something we’ve had at Jayco for a really long time, probably 25 to 30 years.

Ken Walters

“In the process, we wanted to put a new face on it,” added Walters, who wound up wearing a pretty heavy layer of whipped cream and chocolate himself during the luncheon. “We’re real proud of the new exterior, working along with DJ Construction. There’s a new lobby for our customers as they sit and wait for any factory service here and a new space for our team members in a lot of cases. We’ve got a big customer service team that takes care of a lot of customers. So, again, it’s just a new re-grand opening of this facility and we’re real proud of it.”

Beyond the revamped exterior, the 118,000-square-foot building also includes refurbished break rooms and restrooms among other upgrades.

Suffice to say that it was a fun and relaxing day for Jayco, a Thor Industries Inc. division, especially coming as it did amid a lukewarm marketplace for the RV industry in general. “We’re super proud of this building and the group of people that work in it,” said Mike Ritchie, vice president of finance, a 13-year Jayco employee.

“Yes, it was a great moment, celebrating our new reception area and front entryway,” added Vice President of Operations Devon Miller. “It’s all about our people, our employees and helping them enjoy this fantastic day.”

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