How Many Trouser Snakes Is Too Many? Man Tries to Smuggle 104 Snakes in His Pants

The answer to the question “how many trouser snakes is too many?”—at least when traveling through an airport—is definitely fewer than 100. And yet, one man tried to go up against Chinese customs officers with no fewer than 104 live snakes stuffed into his pants.

In case this sounds a bit like deja-vu, you’re not off base. We reported in May that a man tried to smuggle a bag full of “little pink snakes” through customs at the Miami International Airport. He got caught, too.

In a video posted to YouTube by CNA (Channel News Asia), a man with a blurred face walks through a busy airport in what appears to be a black business suit. The video then cuts to customs agents inspecting bags upon bags of small, slithering snakes.

The caption says the man was attempting to bring the snakes into China by filling his pants’ pockets with “6 sealed bags, each containing ‘living snakes in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colours’.”

It’s not clear why this man was trying to bring snakes into China or what the penalty is for doing so. In fact, the whole situation leaves us with a lot of unanswered questions.

Here’s the video:

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