How Do You Deal With Bad RV Park Management?

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The Best Ways to Handle Bad RV Park Manager Situations

Most RV park managers are good, trustworthy people, and even when they’re not the best, they rarely cause issues worth complaining about. But in some cases, you might find yourself dealing with truly terrible RV park management.

Unfulfilled obligations, improperly maintained facilities, and just plain rudeness are all signs that you have a bad park manager on your hands. Dealing with this kind of situation can be stressful, but thankfully, there are some things you can do to make things easier. Let’s look at the best ways to deal with bad RV park management.

1. Communicate

Communication is key, and before you try anything else, you should try communicating openly with the RV park manager. Be calm and respectful and express your concerns clearly and objectively, without letting emotion take over.

With some luck, you’ll be able to find some common ground and gain the RV park manager’s understanding. Once you have that, you can hopefully find a resolution to your problem that works for everybody.

If possible, keep a record of your conversation. If it’s written communication, save the emails, texts, or other documents for later reference. At the very least, you should jot down the date and the details you discussed with the park management.

If you’re dealing with an especially bad RV park manager, it might even be worth recording spoken conversations. But, you’ll have to be careful to make sure you don’t run afoul of the law when you do so.

In the US, states are either “one-party” or “two-party.” 

  • In a one-party state, only one person has to consent to a recording. In other words, you can make an audio recording of someone without them having to provide consent.
  • In a two-party state, both you and the person or people being recorded must consent first. This consent can be active or passive. Active consent requires some form of confirmation from the other person. Passive consent simply requires them to be notified of the recording. 

2. Be sure you’re following RV park rules and regulations

No matter how bad a RV park manager is, it’s absolutely essential that YOU stay within any and all rules and regulations. If you’re running afoul of any RV park rules or regulations, or even local laws, you won’t have a leg to stand on against the park manager. In a worst-case scenario, the manager might even be able to dismiss you outright from the park.

Be sure to carefully check any and all relevant rules and regulations to make sure you’re in compliance. Check any rules posted at the RV park and consult local laws online. If you’re a responsible and respectful guest, you’ll have a much easier time resolving any grievances you have with management.

“Slow” sign on road
Driving slowly in the park and keeping noise to a minimum are examples of RV park rules you should be following.

3. Consider escalating to upper management or RV park owners

If following the rules and communicating respectfully don’t work, it may be time to escalate. Nobody wants trouble from their boss, and RV park managers are no different.

In many cases, upper management and owners may not be aware of the problems in question and will be grateful you’ve contacted them. Plus, they have the authority to intervene and make real changes happen. While the park manager might not be happy about it, it will help you resolve any issues and even improve conditions for all park guests.

4. Document all your issues

At every step of the way, you should be carefully documenting all of your issues with the RV park management. Note down the dates, times, and details of any incidents, and keep them somewhere safe and easily accessible. It’s also smart to get photo or video evidence of any issues when applicable. 

If you have hard proof that your site has issues that haven’t been fixed, RV park management will have a hard time denying it. This can help you force their hand and ensure they resolve your issues. 

 Pen and paper
Write down all pertinent issues to help you deal with bad RV park management.

5. Review rental agreements and other contracts

Just as you have rules and regulations to follow as a tenant, so do RV park managers. Carefully check your rental agreement and any other relevant contracts to familiarize yourself with the rules laid out in them. If you find the RV park manager isn’t fulfilling their obligations, you likely have grounds for further action. 

Also, look at laws governing RV parks. For example, in Minnesota, RV park management is required to be licensed, comply with health regulations, and provide storm shelters and evacuation plans. 

Some RV parks have formal dispute resolution processes that you can utilize. This will bring in an unbiased third party to help resolve any issues between you and park management. 

However, if such a process isn’t present, and things have gotten serious, you may consider seeking legal advice from an attorney. They’ll be able to guide you through the situation so you know your rights and options. However, you should weigh your options to see if a lawyer is worth the extra costs you’ll accrue. 

A lawyer, park management image
If your issues with the RV park are especially serious, you may want to contact a lawyer.

7. Consider alternative accommodations

If all else fails, your best bet might be to just count your losses and head elsewhere. As much as you may want to “win” against the RV park manager, consider if it’s really worth the trouble. If you decide to seek legal advice or otherwise escalate the situation, you might get a resolution, but it could cost you.

Instead, if you’re able to, it can be a better option to just find another RV park to stay at. An RV park where you don’t have problems with management and which better meets your needs will be a much more positive experience. You’ll be able to actually enjoy the RV life, instead of butting heads with bad park management.

Read campground reviews before you go

A bad RV park manager can put a real drain on your stay at an RV park. But, by following the steps we’ve listed here, you’ll be able to resolve your issues with minimal headaches. Once you do, you’ll finally be able to relax and enjoy your stay.

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