Grand Teton 2023 Annual Report Now Available Online

MOOSE, Wyo. – Grand Teton National Park’s 2023 Annual Report is now available. The report shares updates in each of the park’s strategic emphasis areas and highlights the amazing accomplishments of park staff, volunteers and partners who work diligently to support efforts of land, water and wildlife preservation in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

“Grand Teton National Park is a resource-driven park, entrusted with protecting and preserving resources like the diverse ecosystems, majestic wildlife, stunning landscapes, free-flowing waters, clean air, and the rich history of people who have called this area home,” said Park Superintendent Chip Jenkins. “In recognition of the exceptional efforts made by our dedicated staff and partners, who have served as unwavering stewards, we are taking a moment to pause and celebrate the successful implementation of our five strategic priorities: exceptional visitor experiences, resource stewardship, meaningful engagement, organizational excellence, and a thriving workforce.”

The 40-page report (available here in PDF format) provides a comprehensive overview of the various actions to achieve these goals and offers a glimpse into the extensive operations and responsibilities required to manage a park, like Grand Teton.

For more information about Grand Teton National Park, visit the park website and follow @GrandTetonNPS on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

*Information presented in the annual report is from reference year 2022 and was compiled in 2023.