GoRVing.com Continues to See Strong Consumer Traffic

GoRVing.com Continues to See Strong Consumer Traffic

While the new year has seen a decline in RV shipments and sales—as sales normalize after several years of record-breaking growth—interest in RVing isn’t seeing the same declines, according to Courtney Bias, director of strategic marketing and communications for Go RVing. She noted that January traffic on the  GoRVing.com website experienced double-digit growth over December 2022 numbers, including unique users, web sessions, page views and lead submissions.

“What we are seeing is interest remains high, consumers are looking for the closest RV shows to them and RVing is still a consideration for affordable family vacations,” Bias said.

That trend also is evident in Go RVing’s media strategy, as consideration and recruit-based key performance indicators (KPIs) have seen improvement, both month-over-month and year-over-year across paid social channels, demonstrating strong ad engagement and continued interest in the RV category, according to Bias.

She said the top Google queries driving organic site traffic to the Go RVing website were focused on consumers looking for RV shows and the top three most popular pages included “This is RVing” (inspiration), “Get Started” (consideration) and RV how-to’s (retention). For context, only paid search and social are running from a media standpoint in the month of January, Bias said, so there won’t be any data around major media.

For more data, RVIA members and dealers are encouraged to visit the Go RVing dashboards on the industry portal.

PHOTO: Members of the Stephens family, which have been sharing their RVing experiences on the Go RVing website, are pictured at an RV park. While RV sales have receded this year from historically high levels, Go RVing consumer interest in RVing remains strong.

Source: https://rvbusiness.com/gorving-com-continues-to-see-strong-consumer-traffic/