Glidecoat Bundle Makes Ceramic-Coated RVs Shine Brighter

Glidecoat Maintenance Bundle

Ceramic coatings protect RV finishes longer than any wax, and periodic touch-ups further extend the life of their protective qualities, according to a release. The custom-formulated Maintenance Bundle from Glidecoat includes everything to preserve and enhance the showroom shine of a motorhome, camper, trailer or overland rig and keep it looking great all season long.

The Maintenance Bundle begins with a bottle of Glidecoat’s innovative Ceraglo Polymer Infused Soap. This concentrated and pH-neutral cleaner produces a high-foam content that safely removes dirt, road grime, oil, bird droppings and other contaminates. Its formulation has added polymers that create a supplemental protective layer on the finish.

Next is Glidecoat’s Shine & Shield Polymer Sealant, an easy-to-apply wax replacement that includes 42% active ingredients. It creates a sacrificial layer that adds gloss and UV protection while enhancing the ceramic coating’s hydrophobic properties. Sprayed onto the clean finish, it’s buffed lightly with the included double-sided Microfiber Cloth. The product is ideal for any RV surface including fiberglass, paint, vinyl, plexiglass, stainless steel, chrome and rubber.

Glidecoat Maintenance Bundles are made in the USA and come in three sizes. For RVs up to 20′, the Regular bundle contains a 16 oz. bottle of Ceraglo Polymer Infused Soap, a 16 oz. spray bottle of Shine & Shield

Polymer Sealant and two Microfiber Cloths, and costs $45.95. The Large size covers RVs up to 30′, has an additional bottle of sealant and four cloths and runs $69.95. The X-Large size is ideal for RVs up to 40′ and contains two bottles of soap, three bottles of sealant and six cloths, and costs $115.95.

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