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This proprietary carbon fiber technology was originally developed for aerospace and automotive applications. One of the first applications was structural components on airplanes.

They needed a material that was ultralight, durable and could withstand extreme temperature changes (think about taking off from a 120 degree runway in Arizona and then being in cold temperatures at 30,000 ft in a matter of minutes).

That’s why this carbon fiber tech is perfect for mobile hunting gear. It’s ultralight. It’s durable. It’s warm to the touch. It eliminates metal noise. It excels at handling extreme temperatures.

The Carbon SS Climbing Sticks from Latitude Outdoors are designed to allow for flush stacking, making them more packable for saddle hunters and tree stand hunters. They are true 18 inch sticks, in contrast to some other premium, ultralight options. At only 1 lb per stick, they are the lightest climbing sticks made in the USA.

Made in the USA is an important point here. When using advanced materials to achieve premium specs, quality control is absolutely crucial. Quality control is difficult with overseas manufacturing. Carbon SS Climbing Sticks are TMA tested and approved. 5-year warranty included.

Take your carbon sticks to the next level of quiet with our custom Stealth Strip® kits by Stealth Outdoors. Each kit silences one stick so 4 kits are required to cover 4 sticks.

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Savage Arms is proud to announce the launch of the 110 Ultralite Elite.

Savage has again teamed up with proven partners to deliver a premium rifle. PROOF Research® has crafted a barrel specific for this purpose driven firearm, delivering a Savage designed, carbon fiber wrapped stainless steel barrel. MDT, a leader in chassis systems and delivering value and accuracy to shooters, has its HNT26 folding carbon fiber stock on the 110 Ultralite Elite.

This new rifle, combined with partner technologies, achieves lighter weights for higher altitude hunts and longer treks for big game.

At approximately five pounds, the 110 Ultralite Elite is designed to combat elevation and elements while maintaining the performance of a factory blueprinted Savage 110 action. The folding buttstock reduces the overall length by nine inches when folded, which allows for ease of transport in the backcountry. The carbon fiber wrapped stainless steel barrel provides the user with a lightweight carry on the rifle in all conditions. The 110 Ultralite Elite is the rifle that can outlast extreme weather or hunting conditions.

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In the expansive world of upland hunting, where the adrenaline rush of the chase meets the precision of training, Dogtra’s Training and Beeper Series stand out as indispensable companions for avid hunters.

Among these tools, the T&B Dual e-collar emerges as the epitome of innovation, offering unparalleled control and performance to enhance your hunting experience.

The Dogtra T&B Dual, a true powerhouse designed for the discerning upland hunter. At its core lies a comprehensive array of features tailored to meet the demands of rigorous hunting expeditions.

With 127 levels of Nick/Constant stimulation, this e-collar ensures precise control, allowing you to tailor your commands with unparalleled accuracy. The inclusion of HPP vibration technology further enhances communication, providing immediate feedback for swift response, even amidst the excitement of the hunt.

One of the standout features of the T&B Dual is its integrated Locate Beeper, a lifeline that ensures you never lose track of your canine companion afield. With Run/Point Beeper Modes, adaptability becomes second nature, allowing you to seamlessly transition between different hunting scenarios with ease. And with a remarkable 1.5-mile range, this e-collar empowers you to maintain connection and control even in the most expansive open fields.

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With the Berkley ® Big Game Lip Grip-Digital Scale you can quickly secure and weight your catch without injuring the fish.


• Corrosion resistant stainless steel body

• Positive locking jaw action holds catch until you release it

• Comfort handle provides a nonslip grip

• Good for both fresh and saltwater use

• Built-in digital scale

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Small but mighty, the American-made, fully customizable Assert from Gerber Gear gives you confidence in the great outdoors, or wherever else you take it.


• Voted 2024 best overall knife for hiking and backpacking by Gear Junkie

• S30V stainless steel plain edge blade

• Lightweight, compact carry

• Custom carry:

adjustable thumb stud, fuller deployment, ambidextrous pivot lock and clip

• Easy single-handed operation, fuller and thumb studs for quick deployment

• Deep carry pocket clip

• Textured glass-filled nylon handle with honeycomb interior for strength and durability

• Lanyard hole

• Overall length: 6.95”

• Closed length: 3.97”

• Blade length: 2.98”

• Overall weight: 1.87 oz.

• Limited life-time warranty

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