Escapod Teardrop Offers Comforts of Home at Campsite

The Escapod TOPO2. (Photo: Escapod)

The modern van life movement and digital nomadism were already alive and well for years, then COVID gave them a serious shot in the arm, writes Mike Ridhard at idea of living on the road — or, at the very least, with no fixed address — has exploded since 2020. It seems more and more of us were seriously itching to get out of the house. In some cases, far, far out of the house.

So it’s no surprise that tricked-out homes on wheels are all the rage these days. That includes vans, compact travel trailers, and even full-blown drivable RVs. But if you’re looking to go simpler, it doesn’t get any more minimal than an ultra-light teardrop trailer. We’ve covered many of the best models before, but new concepts and production models debut every month. The latest on our radar is the all-new 2023 Escapod TOPO2, and it promises all the comforts of home with almost no setup required.

The TOPO2 is everything we love in a teardrop trailer. The compact, single-axle design is like a hard-sided tent on wheels. It’s designed to provide all the creature comforts of home with near-zero setup time. When you get to camp, just unhitch, level it out, and crawl inside.

The interior features a legit 6-foot, queen-sized memory foam mattress so you can sleep like a baby in the backcountry. There are built-in wireless charging pads in the nightstands, plus USB ports and residential power outlets (with the option to connect to 110-volt shore power) for keeping all your gadgets topped up on the go. It’s all surrounded by a cabin designed for four-season use with an energy-efficient propane heater and smart thermostat for cold-weather camping.

Around back, the TOPO2 is outfitted with a compact but full-featured mobile camp kitchen. This includes a premium 75-liter Yeti Tundra cooler standard, with the option to upgrade to a 12-volt fridge/freezer. A dual-burner gas stove and a decent-sized sink with a hot water tap make it easy to cook and clean up after your outdoor meals.

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