Eberspaecher Introduces Thermal Management Technology

Eberspaecher Introduces Thermal Management Technology

Sustainability as well as enhanced productivity are key topics in the construction industry. As an expert for thermal management, Eberspaecher is a reliable partner for vehicle and cabin manufacturers.

Xellstor energy management systems for greater self-sufficiency

As an expansion of the well-known heating and cooling product portfolio, Eberspaecher has developed the Xellstor energy management systems. The modular system meets the growing demand for greater independence of external power supplies by providing autonomous solutions for a variant of different applications.

Within the Eberspaecher e-connected app, the user can monitor the current battery status at all time. This marks a benefit for the demand of fleet management and also ensures an increased operational readiness. Especially when electricity is needed in mobile applications or environmental regulations prohibit fuel operated power generators, the Xellstor portfolio offers the right solution for an autonomous power supply.

May it be in fleet service vehicles or workmen vehicles; more and more machinery rely on mobile, independent power supply in order to be more flexible carrying out repair, construction and maintenance work. Xellstor, the “workshop on the go”, is offering this flexibility and independence.

Concepts for sustainable battery thermal management

For the use in electrical construction machinery, Eberspaecher has been working on some new concepts. A vehicle specific heat pump for both, heating and cooling, will be part of the portfolio on show during the exhibition in Las Vegas.

Equipped with an external exchanger as well as PTC elements, the heat pump secures maximum comfort and security with efficient usage of the electric energy of the vehicle’s battery. All components are part of the Eberspaecher Battery Thermal Management System BTMS. The solution has been developed for the special needs of electric vehicles by combining thermal management solutions for both: the cabin and the drivetrain battery.

Electrical thermal management solutions

Eberspaecher offers a wide range of products for electrical thermal management. The Falkon HVAC product family provides several horizontal evaporator variants. Aside from a version for vehicles with combustion engines, there are two version for electrical applications: The fully electrical variant EHVAC provides 7.7 kW cooling performance and heating power from 3 to 6 kW and the hybrid EHHVAC (electric/hybrid HVAC) version includes a water heater, PTC elements and air conditioning for vehicles with hybrid or electric drive.

Therefore, the interior is either heated with PTC elements and/or with the water from the battery thermal management. The PTCs provide a safe and powerful heating while the inherent self-control effect protects against overheating.

Besides the Falkon product family, the VK9 product range offers the same flexibility for vertical mounting positions. Equipped with a powerful heating and cooling output, the available versions provide pleasant temperatures in the driver’s cab. The electrical version VK9 EHVAC comes with a cooling performance of 6.5 kW and PTC elements with heating performance of 3 kW.

Proven product families Eberspaecher Hydronic and Airtronic

Apart from electrical solutions, Eberspaecher also exhibits its proven fuel operated heaters Airtronic and Hydronic. With the third generation of the Airtronic, Eberspaecher is relaunching its previous air heater family and taking it to a new technical level. Across all performance classes (2 to 8 kW), the Airtronic 3 offers state-of-the-art technology with combined with proven functions of the previous versions.

Fuel operated air heaters provide the (pre)heating of the cabin to a comfortable temperature even when the engine is turned off, for example during break-times. For construction machinery, the Airtronic S3 Economy is the perfect fit. Fuel operated with Diesel, the heater has a voltage of 12 or 24 V and provides a heating performance from 0.85 to 2.2 kW. As gasoline version, the voltage is at 12 V with a heating performance of 1 to 2 kW.

The Eberspaecher Hydronic is the proven water heater that offers warm cabins and a preheated engine. Especially in a cold environment, the Hydronic reliable defrosts construction machinery and therefore secures not only comfort but also safety. During standby mode, the water heaters can keep the engine warm which saves fuel and reduces wear and tear. With a power range from 5 to 35 kW, the Hydronic is available for every machinery.

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