Ciele x Salomon Collab Gear for Those Who Seek a Runner’s High

At some point during recreational running’s boomtime heyday in the ’70s, the mythos of the runner’s high arose. Those who took part felt it, nonparticipants asked about it, researchers studied it, and now, Salomon and Ciele Athletics pay homage to the seemingly inexplicable mind state that only running can induce with a new collab collection of shoes and hats called Distance Nirvana.

The capsule collection consists of three pairs of shoes and two hats for running and everyday wear, all of which are unisex and all of which are united by a playful palette of colors on mostly white blanks. From Salomon, the Glide Max TR ($170) and Aero Glide ($170) offer high levels of cushion and smooth transitions for long runs on trails or paved roads, and the Relax Moc 6.0 ($90) provides cushy comfort when the run’s over.