What Is A French Motorhome Aire?

France is an incredibly diverse country with lots to explore. From mountainous regions to soaring coastlines, lakes and many wonderful cities. It’s no wonder then that so many people choose France as somewhere to explore in their motorhome.  But where you’ll stay in France certainly varies from when you’re exploring the UK. One of the …

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Strawberry Picking Near Me

Strawberries start fruiting any time from the early summer all the way through to the beginning of autumn. These sweet red fruits are a favourite for many people and while you can buy them in abundance in the supermarkets, there is something truly special about going out there and picking your own tasty strawberries.  Plus, …

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How To Lock A Tent

When you look at a tent, you can clearly see that these structures are not the most secure things in the world. While camping on an organised campsite is usually pretty safe, you still want to feel confident that nobody is going to take your belongings while you’re off exploring the local area.  What’s more, …

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Claiming Abandoned Buildings

The UK has, according to statistics, more than 600,000 abandoned buildings. As many as 445,000 of these are residential dwellings. With financial and housing crises occurring all the time, it makes you wonder why people aren’t simply claiming these abandoned homes as their own. The problem is that a lot of seemingly abandoned properties do actually have …

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Festival Camping Checklist

Music festivals are a massive business in the UK and around the world. Millions of people head to music festivals every year with more than 200,000 going to the world famous Glastonbury festival.  Sure, you could stay in a nearby hotel and just attend the festival every day but where’s the fun in that? Camping …

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Camping With A Cast Iron

When it comes to cooking, cast iron is one of the most popular choices; not just in the home kitchen but also while camping. The way the food cooks and the taste is unbeatable but a lot of people wonder how to cook with a cast iron when camping.  If you’re looking to up your …

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What Is A Folding Caravan?

For the modern explorer, there are a whole host of accommodation options which is brilliant news as you’ll always be able to find something that meets your needs. But have you heard of a folding caravan? If not, you’re probably wondering what on earth a folding caravan is and whether it’s a viable form of …

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Cute Shoes With Arch Support

If you’ve ever tried to buy practical, comfortable shoes then you’ve probably noticed that they don’t always come in the most fashionable styles. It would seem that a lot of shoe manufacturers expect us to compromise style for functionality. But why can’t we have both? In a world where looking good is at the top …

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Best 5 50l Backpacks

Camping, hiking, exploring the world. All of these things require a good amount of gear and a backpack is one of the most convenient and comfortable ways to transport this. For people that have a lot of gear a big 50 litre backpack is ideal.  But with so many to choose from, you can often …

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