BLUETTI to Release All-New AC180 Portable Power Station

BLUETTI to Release All-New AC180 Portable Power Station

STUHR, Germany – Spring camping has gradually become popular in recent years, providing a precious chance for people to get rid of the hustle and bustle of urban life and have close contact with nature. However, most of their trips experienced mobile power shortages out there, states a press release from BLUETTI.

BLUETTI, a market leader in the energy storage industry, is about to unveil a brand-new model. As a successor of the previous portable stations such as EB150 and EB240, AC180 is designed with a bunch of improvements that kit it up a notch, making it a well-deserved portable power station for emergency backup, sudden blackouts, excursions, and more.

Explore Outdoors with Great Capacity
To help elevate the off-grid lifestyle, BLUETTI equips AC180 with a 1800W constant output power and 1.152Wh capacity, covering almost all power demands of essentials at home or in the wild. Furthermore, AC 180 also comes with a Power Lifting Mode of 2.700W output to effortlessly run high-powered devices like kettles, hair dryers, microwaves, etc.

Besides, AC180 is updated with a 1,7-inch LCD display and bigger font size to make the power consumption and troubleshooting status more visualized and clearly.

Travel with Grab-and-go Power
Pack lighter, travel further. In view of portability, AC180 is ultra compact for effortless transportation as it measures 340mmx247mmx317mm (H x W x H) and weighs only 35kg. It does not occupy too much space of the truck on the way to the next campsite.

Recharge with High Speed
For outdoor enthusiasts looking for backup power for their camping or RV trips on the road, AC180 is sure to exceed their expectations. Even exploring off the beaten track far from the main grid, the reliable power source is always on call as AC180 supports up to 1.440W Turbo Charging, 0-80% SOC only takes about 45mins! Get it charged before packing up for the getaway, a large amount of power is ready to hit the road when you are.

Live with Uninterrupted Power Supply
Given the UPS system, there’s no need to worry about losing data or hardware damage in the event of a power outage since AC180 can automatically detect the blackout the moment it occurs and seamlessly switch over in 20ms that no one can even be aware of.

Constant Power with Peace of Mind
Keeping high security and longevity in mind, BLUETTI adopts safe and durable LiFePO4 battery cells and guarantees a worry-free warranty for as long as 5 years, which really sets it apart from most competitors throughout the market.

Remotely monitoring AC180 in real time is a no-brainer thanks to the intelligent BLUETTI APP. Now setting up working modes, checking the system conditions, and OTA updates can be done solely with fingertips.

“We’re dedicated to more innovations that’s a right fit for the increasing market demand. Our R&D team once envisioned a power station integrated with portability, capability, and cost performance, and now we’ve made it come true. AC180 has everything users could possibly need without costing an arm and a leg,” said James Ray, the marketing director of BLUETTI.

Though the debut price is not finally decided yet, it’s believed to be the most affordable power station that worth the wait.