Atas Awan Makes Gender-Neutral Climbing Apparel for Everyday Wear

Climbing’s meteoric rise in popularity has been nearly impossible to miss. In less than a decade, indoor climbing has seen an 122 percent increase in growth—in 2014, there were 353 climbing gyms in the U.S., compared with a staggering 785 gyms by the end of 2023. As interest in and access to climbing as increased, so too has the diversity of its participants, and the number of climbing apparel and GORP lifestyle brands pulling from the sport’s rich history for inspiration (Ostrya, Earth Studies, Wondery Outdoors, etc). One of the newest to land on the scene is Atas Awan, a burgeoning apparel brand making a modest selection of tops, bottoms, and bags based in Melbourne, Australia and active in Toronto, Canada. 

Atas Awan, which translates to “above the clouds”, was founded in 2023 by three women co-founders—Faustina Setiawan, Marie Chalhoub, Grace Wei—after the former began climbing and spending more time outdoors.