An RVer’s Complete Guide To Electric Scooters

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The Benefits of Traveling With An Electric Scooter in Your RV

If your first thought when you hear the phrase “electric scooters” is a slow, beeping, aisle-blocking contraption plugged into the wall at your local big box store, then perhaps you aren’t familiar with the modern spin on electric scooters: recreational scooters.

Recreational electric scooters are today’s attractive, efficient, and functional cousins to the original electric scooter. No longer relegated to the medically mobility incapacitated, recreational scooters are fun, fast, and fashionable for everyone, especially RVers.

Why use an electric scooter?

Electric scooters, particularly the recreational kind with larger wheels and greater mobility, have filled a gap for RVers that the traditional smaller, less robust scooters offer.

With attractive styling, speeds up to 15 mph, and up to 40 miles on a single charge, recreational scooters allow RVers to navigate large campgrounds, hit the nearby grocery store, see local or adjacent attractions, and get around RV shows and rallies easier and more comfortably. Often, this kind of added mobility can eliminate the need for a tow car, or even a golf cart, which are larger, heavier, and not welcome at national parks. 

RVers also love to customize their equipment. Today’s modern recreational electric scooters, such as those from EWheels, will appeal to your unique personality. EWheels, based out of Arizona, offers fast scooters, slow scooters, three or four-wheel scooters, and at the risk of sounding a bit like Dr. Seuss…pink scooters, black scooters, red scooters, blue scooters, and more.

Some of their three-wheeled electric scooters are so svelte, they can almost pass for a moped at first glance. Their four-wheeled counterparts invoke a futuristic vibe that would look great on the back of any RV or gliding around any RV resort. Not having to tote around gasoline cans is also a benefit to electric scooters. 

So what are traditional electric scooters used for?

Traditional electric scooters, such as those found in large big box stores, are primarily used for mobility assistance. Those scooters are designed for people with disabilities or mobility issues who have difficulty walking or standing for long periods of time.

Do I need a special license to drive an electric scooter?

No, you do not need a special license or registration to drive an electric scooter in the United States. In general, if the electric scooter is considered a low-speed vehicle, meaning it has a maximum speed of 20–25 mph, then you will usually not need a special license to operate since it is not legal or allowed on public streets. Most scooters are allowed on private property and sidewalks.

Of course on private roads, such as a campground or resort, you are only subject to that facility’s own requirements. Unlike a boat or perhaps a gasoline powered scooter, there is no special registration requirement.

What about special insurance?

In general, most states do not require specific insurance coverage for electric scooters, but it’s always a good idea to check with your insurance provider to make sure you are adequately covered.

Some insurance policies may already provide coverage for electric scooters as a type of personal mobility device. When in doubt, check with your insurance provider to protect yourself and your property in case of an accident or theft.

Where to buy recreational scooters

Like almost anything in this world, if you can’t buy it in person, you can buy it online. There is a gray middle ground here with electric scooters in that you will often see them at RV shows. There are a few disadvantages to buying a recreational electric scooter at an RV show, however.


First, of course, you have to wait for a large enough RV show to come around, and then hope they have a large enough selection for you to choose from.


How safe will the electric scooter be? You have no idea if the person who assembled the scooter is a professional. It’s one thing to assemble a bicycle on Christmas Eve, but it’s quite another to assemble a motorized scooter that must bear your weight at speed, plug into your RV, and charge up safely as well.

Warranty and parts

On the chance that something goes wrong, will you be able to contact someone reputable to handle your complaint? What happens when that RV show packs up and leaves town? Do you have a source of replacement parts or any kind of warranty?

Buy a scooter online from EWheels

If you can buy cars online, then why not an electric scooter? With the largest selection of available electric scooters including recreational, medical, and portable scooters, EWheels is the RVer’s first choice for US-based assembly and distribution.

From their huge facility in Phoenix, Arizona, a veritable RVers mecca, EWheels will professionally assemble your recreational scooter and ship it to you directly. No distributors, no middlemen—just you and the factory working together to bring you the highest quality scooters available.

four models of ewheels electric scooers

Why choose EWheels Recreational Electric Scooters?

EWheels, now in their 15th year serving the scooter industry and medical industry with high-quality electric scooters, not only offers dozens of amazing electric scooters in the lineup but has also now branched into electric bikes as well.

You’ll be hard-pressed to beat EWheels’ line of attractive, innovative, high quality, and affordable recreational electric scooters. EWheels has a scooter for every RVer, with accessories to help you round out your selection. With a sleek look and vibrant colors, every EWheels scooter or electric bike is designed to stand out and turn heads. 

Patented tech

The unique electric systems used to power EWheels products are protected by US and international patents. The essential backbone for EWheels scooters and bikes, the internal drive systems offer efficient, environmentally-friendly and high-performance mobility for recreation, sport, or transportation.


Regardless of the price point, EWheels products offer unrivaled value to the RV consumer. Thanks to high-quality design and premium yet cost-effective manufacturing, every EWheels product performs with consistent reliability.

Common questions about EWheels Recreational Scooters

Scooter buyers will have some common questions before taking the plunge. Here are a few of those questions, and the answers.

Q: Will my electric scooter come assembled?

A: Yes! All recreational electric scooters are shipped fully assembled and ride ready.

Q: Do you have two-passenger scooters?

A: Yes! The amazing EW-66, EW-14, and EW-10 are some examples of two-passenger scooters.

Q: Do you have scooter carriers for my RV or Toad?

A: Yes! EWheels offers both a manual and electric scooter carrier option.

Recreational scooter standouts

We mentioned the EW-14 as a four-wheel scooter that carries two passengers, but its three-wheeled counterpart, the EW-10 is another stunning scooter, also with an equally stunning three-year warranty. This is one of the best looking electric scooters you’ll ever see.

If you prefer a slightly more European look, the three-wheeled EW-Bugeye in bright yellow will make sure you get noticed. Across the board, models like the EW-11, EW-12, and EW-36 all have looks that are decidedly their own, to suit tastes that are decidedly your own. 

More unique styling awaits the RVer that chooses the EW-52, EW-54, and for those RVers that enjoy the original persona of the EW-Vintage, well…you know who you are. Let’s also not forget the rugged simplicity of the EW-M34 and EW-M39, and all of the EWheels products in-between. 

Get your own EWheels Electric Scooter

As the leader in electric mobility solutions, EWheels designs, manufactures, and distributes several electric scooters with a variety of use-cases in mind.

From recreational to everyday transportation, their high-performance products utilize patented technology to ensure that every ride is enjoyable and reliable. Their cost-effective approach to manufacturing and distribution allows them to keep pricing for these premium electric scooters and bikes within reach. Visit the EWheels website today and start enjoying the ride!

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