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Amanda Gore

OSCEOLA, Ind – The RVWA announced in a press release that Amanda Gore, an acclaimed speaker and trained physiotherapist, will be the opening speaker for this year’s October Symposium. The event is set to energize, engage, and equip attendees with powerful tools for both professional and personal growth.

“We had an incredible response to last year’s speaker, so we knew we had to bring in someone extraordinary this year. I believe Amanda Gore will exceed all expectations.” shared Susan Carpenter, President of RVWA.

Amanda Gore brings a wealth of expertise, holding a major in psychology and being a master practitioner of NLP. With a deep understanding of group dynamics, emotional intelligence, and occupational health, Amanda is set to deliver an action-packed performance. Known for her infectious humor, she has the unique ability to break down barriers, making it easy for audiences to absorb and implement new ideas.

“Amanda understands that business success isn’t just about targets and optimizing clickthrough’s,” Carpenter continued. “It’s fundamentally about how people feel about themselves and how they make others feel.

Amanda’s sessions offer immediate, actionable strategies to create deep, lasting relationships at every level of life and business.”

In her compelling 90-minute opening to the Symposium, Amanda Gore will guide participants through an energizing and transformative session. Attendees can expect to:

Changing people’s behaviors – by sharing stories that touch their hearts

Creating an environment in which people can be the best they can be – joy filled and fear free (safe)

Helping people believe in themselves – and feel joyful

Marrying those with smart strategic planning, a genuine desire to see people grow and develop, high emotional intelligence, a strong ability to engage teams and the ability to hold a vision for people.

Amanda states, “I use humor constantly throughout my presentations to clear away resistance and open minds to new ideas and information. While people are laughing, they lose self-consciousness and interact far more effectively. Plus, it’s much more fun for everyone! Learning while laughing is another way to embed the messages.”

With Amanda Gore kicking off this year’s Symposium, attendees are assured of an enlightening and enjoyable experience that promises to leave everyone energized, enthusiastic, and re-engaged.

For more information about the symposium or to register, click here

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